Wing expands drone delivery service to Ireland in coming weeks | Engadget

Due to the development of regulations in the EU regarding the regulation of unmanned aviation, today the drone delivery company Wing announced a new service area in Lusk, Ireland, which is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

Currently, Wing offers drone deliveries in four other cities (Christiansburg, Virginia; Helsinki, Finland; and Logan and Canberra, Australia), with Lusk, Ireland soon to be the fifth. Wing says it chose Ireland as its next area of ​​operation because the country has embraced drone technology and appears to be a “great incubator for future innovation”. The company says it uses existing partnerships and approvals granted in Finland to support its operations in Ireland, including recognition from the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority).

The company says it hopes to use Lusk as a test bed to expand its European operations and gain more experience integrating its service into the local community. However, with Lusk having a population of less than 10,000, Wing’s next expansion will be on a smaller scale, with the company admitting that its operations in Ireland will operate differently from its other business services in the United States, Australia and Finland.

Recently, Wing says the company completed its 300,000th drone delivery as it continues to research ways to use autonomous flying vehicles to replace deliveries made by less efficient gas-powered cars.

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