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Video: Temporary shelter for Ukrainian refugees burns in Germany

Officials are looking for political motives and suspect arson is involved in a fire that engulfed a shelter housing Ukrainians…

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Video: Russian-backed authorities displace thousands of Ukrainians

About 15,000 Ukrainians in the occupied city of Kherson have been evacuated from their homes by Russian-backed officials and moved…

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On the Stage: London Reacts to Truss News

I combed through the rainy streets of London to gauge people’s reactions. Here is what I saw. Source link

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The Queen’s cause of death has been listed as ‘old age’

The death certificate of Queen Elizabeth II was officially released on Thursday, revealing the 96-year-old monarch’s cause of death was…

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17 Very British Tweets About The Very British Queue To See The Very British Queen’s Coffin

“I think it’s quite a mark of respect, the number of people who are committed to being patient and standing…

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Members of the Royal Family gathered for the Queen’s coffin procession in London

Among the crowd were also people with ties and ancestry from other Commonwealth countries. “Despite my Pakistani roots, I was…

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